UV Curing

HaKleDo Cure

HaKleDo Cure 1G: UV LED Curing Device

Discover our UV LED curing device - a top-tier solution with excellent value for money.

Available in wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm, this device is ideal for efficiently curing UV-sensitive adhesives in a matter of seconds.

With a power output of 250mW at 365nm and 290mW at 405nm, it has been specifically designed for mobile use in production.

Thanks to the convenient USB connection, it can be effortlessly recharged, and a full battery charge allows for up to 3 hours of continuous operation.

For advanced applications, we offer optional UV protective glasses and various variable lenses to customize the illuminated area individually.

HaKleDo Cure 2G: UV LED Curing Device with Timer

The HAKLEDO CURE 2G device represents an innovative advancement compared to the 1G model. It maintains the same compact dimensions but integrates additional features for more precise applications.

With an adjustable timer and the ability to control the light intensity through the accompanying software, this device offers enhanced control and flexibility to meet your specific needs.

For further customization options, optional UV protective glasses and various variable lenses are available, allowing you to enlarge the illuminated area as per your requirements.

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