Dispensing Technology

Screw Dispenser and Positive Cavity Pump

Musashi Screw Master 3

Musashi Screw Master 3

Screw dispensers for stable dispensing of high-viscosity and/or filled materials such as solder paste, silver paste, epoxy, grease, silicones, and more.

The high-performance auger dispenser SCREW MASTER 3 is designed for materials requiring safe, high-speed, and precise application challenges like solder paste and epoxy. Our developed screw mechanism prevents fluctuations in discharge amount, accumulation of dispensing material, enabling stable, high-precision dot and line dispensing.

Easy syringe interchangeability contributes to economical operation, meeting high requirements for dispensing particulate or high-viscosity materials.

Musashi Mohnomaster VSD

Musashi Mohnomaster VSD

High-precision dosing of high-viscosity liquids

  • The dosing volume is controllable via parameters.
  • Low operating costs achieved through an original new mechanism.
  • High-throughput dosing achieved at a rate of about a dozen milliliters per second to improve cycle time.
  • Features a Mohno eccentric screw pump with Synchro Speed™ function and progressive cavity pump.
  • Certified with CE marking, EU RoHS compliant.

Ultra-fast, high-precision sealant application for FIPG/CIPG.

Introduces a liquid chamber motion method allowing high-throughput dispensing, pushing liquids with high force, and dosing evenly.

Continuous dispensing is possible, enabling integration into a production line.

The Mohno-type dispenser, MOHNOMASTER, is excellent for high-precision delivery of high-viscosity liquids, such as sealant dosing for liquid seals, e.g., FIPG and CIPG for engine parts, optical bonding, and waterproof sealing for display parts.

  • Flow Rate Mohnomaster V1: 0.001 to 0.170 mL/s
  • Flow Rate Mohnomaster V2: 0.010 to 1.700 mL/s
  • Min. Dosing Volume: 0.003 mL

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