Dispensing Technology

Pneumatic Dispenser

Musashi MS-1 / MS-1D

  • High-Precision ECO Dispenser.
  • Compact
  • Cost-effective
  • With vacuum retention for thin liquids
  • With foot or finger switch
  • MS-1: Analog pressure display
  • MS-1D: Digital pressure display

Musashi ML-5000XII

Musashi ML-5000XII

Standard functions of a digital dispensing device.

More precise than the MS-1 dispensing device

Values can be easily and precisely adjusted thanks to the digital display.

Musashi ML-808GX

Musashi ML-808GX

High-precision dispensing device capable of compensating for viscosity changes in pre-mixed 2K adhesives.

  • Incremental automatic
  • Tilt automatic
  • Vacuum timer / interval timer
  • Express shot function
  • Data upload / download (RS 232)

With the optionally available MUCOM 808 software, dosing parameters can be easily sent to the device.

Musashi Super Sigma CM3

Musashi Super Sigma CMIII

Digitally controlled dispensing device for small volumes and very precise dosing points. Stable delivery of microdoses of less than 0.01mg and minimal dosing cycles of 0.1 seconds or less.

Storage capacity for up to 100 programs.

3 essential Sigma functions:

  1. Function 1: Automatic pressure height correction
  2. Function 2: Drip protection automation
  3. Function 3: Automatic residual quantity alarm

Function 1

This function eliminates various dosing results due to the different liquid levels.

Function 2

The automatic drip protection/vacuum retention prevents dripping and enhances dispensing stability and repeatability.


Residual quantity alarm.

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