Dispensing Technology

Piston Dispenser

Musashi MPP-1

Musashi MPP1: Digital Volumetric Dispenser

Precise delivery of consistent doses of liquids with varying viscosity.

  • Suitable for viscosities ranging from 1 to 100,000 mPa·s, covering low to high viscosities.
  • The multi-channel design allows for storing up to 400 delivery conditions.
  • Fluid change without the need for tools, easy maintenance of exposed fluid-contact parts.
  • High-precision volumetric dispenser.
  • CE compliant, EU RoHS compliant.

Musashi MPP-3

Musashi MPP3: Digital Volumetric Dispenser

Volumetric dispenser for large quantities.

  • Volumetrics. Impressive 'dispensing precision'! Our developed plunger method ensures a remarkable reduction in scrap.
  • Further enhanced productivity through significantly improved plunger performance.
  • Innovation. Utilization of our developed, skip-free plunger mechanism.
  • Overwhelming success in LED processes. Special specifications offered for the LED industry.
  • CE compliant, EU RoHS compliant.

The digitally controlled volumetric dispenser MEASURING MASTER MPP-3 enables the consistent delivery of fluids with varying viscosity.

The device is suitable for applications such as underfilling and encapsulation, precise and consistent oil filling, injecting electrolyte solution into various types of batteries, ink dispensing, etc.

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